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    Every one has that song in their HEART, we help them SING !

    About Us

    We at Phonic Tunes give that platform to all heart & soul who want to sing. As a distributor of Persang Karaoke, we sell some of the most advanced karaoke systems with the song archive of 5000+ songs in 13 different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Konkani, Nepali etc . When our world is shrinking to the limits of gadgets like mobile phones and tablets , we are attempting to expand your horizon. The musical platform we have built has broken all the barriers of age, gender, region and language. It units everyone with the melodious tunes of yesteryears and the spice of the latest musical numbers. The collection of songs is so vast that everyone is bound to get their favorite numbers.

    Karaoke Systems

    Karaoke Players


    Three karaoke players to select from

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    Song Cards


    Additional song cards

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    Accessories like wired mic, HDMI cables etc.

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    Why Phonic Tunes


    MUK Format

    We provide the songs in MUK format which gives you the real experience of singing


    Digital Tracks

    All songs are in digital format which gives you the real experience of singing.


    Record Songs

    Toggle recording at any-point of time to record your singing.


    Live Scoring

    100% live scoring to improve your singing ability


    Chorus Singing

    The Karaoke Machine has an additional feature which indicates a special sign & color for Male/Female/Chorus singing.


    i-FUN Technology

    i-FUN will catch up every pitch and show it on the screen while singing.This can be switched off and on.


    Pitch Control

    Pitch control indicator to improve your singing ability



    Light weight portable units that are easy to carry


    Fast Shipping


    One year manufacturer warranty


    Fast Customer Service

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